Join the World Peace Day Challenge!

Join the World Peace Day Challenge!

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” — Jimi Hendrix

Baobabooks is pleased to announce its first ever World Peace Day Challenge.

We challenge young artists and writers to take action through the power of writing and artwork to engage in this year’s World Peace Day theme ‘End racism. Build peace.’ You can use the Baobabooks platform and our creativity tools to craft a powerful piece of writing or upload your artwork and share your thoughts about how we take action to make the world more peaceful.

Peace is a powerful word that encompasses a spectrum of issues ranging from inner peace within yourself to the absence of hostility and violence, and conflict resolution among individuals or groups of people. In the context of society, peace has deep roots in inequity and disparity, driven by power and control. On a global level, political and religious conflicts lead to more devastating consequences that deprive humans of their basic rights.

World Peace Day reminds us that we all need to work together to better understand ourselves and those around us through empathy and respect. The Baobabooks World Peace Day Challenge is an invitation to raise our voices and share our best ideas about how each of us can be peacemakers. Express your thoughts and give hope through your words or artwork and share your ideas on what a peaceful world means to you.

Our World Peace Day Challenge is open to all students aged six and over. Each participant can submit a maximum of one writing entry and is also encouraged to submit an art entry. For the Writing Challenge, use one of the writing or picture prompts to inspire your writing. Entries should not be more than 500 words and you may choose to include images. Likewise, choose one of the Art Challenge prompts to inspire your artwork.

There is no limit to your creativity and imagination when you write with Baobabooks. Enjoy our first annual World Peace Day Challenge!