User Guidelines

Welcome to Baobabooks. We strive to provide a safe and productive work environment that fosters creativity by harvesting the power of the internet to empower creative people everywhere, and at every age, to inspire themselves and others. Through the creative process – by reading, writing and illustrating – we learn to appreciate others and their perspectives, even when different from our own. We also encounter new ideas and topics and experience new emotions while expressing our own.

Baobabooks is an open platform and seeks to engage with everyone in a respectful and supportive manner. No one should be made to feel unwelcome or ostracized in our creative community. It is important that we, as a community, protect the privacy of our writers and illustrators – young and old – and always follow the law regarding data privacy and individual rights. To ensure that we provide a safe and respectful environment for all, we will use editorial control to ensure that the following does not appear on our platform:

  • Personally-identifying information;
  • hate speech, discrimination, or intolerance;
  • over-expressive personal agendas, or specific moral codes or belief systems;
  • language that bullies, threatens, harasses, demeans, or attacks specific users or groups;
  • explicit or provocative content including overly-detailed or mature portrayals of violence (to people or animals) or use of foul language, self-harm, or substance abuse;
  • advertisements, links to outside websites, or SPAM; and
  • copyrighted ideas, characters, or intellectual property that belong to another person or company presented as your own or as part of your own creation.

As a user of the Baobabooks platform, you agree to follow these guidelines so that our community remains welcoming and safe for users of all ages. If your work doesn’t follow these guidelines, you may be asked to revise your work before it can be read by others.

Baobabooks reserves the right to delete any comments or stories that do not comply with the guidelines above.