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Inspire students as imaginative and creative writers and artists.

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What makes Baobabooks unique?

Create assignments tailored to the individual needs of your students

An efficient way to provide effective and motivating support to students

Our interactive writing platform engages students in a fun way

Enhances the teaching of writing and is applicable both online and in the classroom


Support students throughout the writing process

Select individual, group, or whole class assignments from an existing resource library, or create your own assignments based on your students’ needs.


Different book formats for publishing student writing

Students can choose from one of four book formats to publish stories, including our new poetry platform. Custom-made templates can also be created to personalize student writing.


Curate a classroom library of students’ self-published books

Students can share published writing digitally or via our print option, contributing to the classroom library or for their own personal collection.


A variety of writing engagements

Baobabooks offers a variety of writing engagements to meet the needs of students at all stages of their writing development.


Secure site safe for students to create and share

Students take pride in seeing their work displayed and published. Baobabooks allows students to write authentically for a real audience, with a tangible finished product to look forward to.

More Features

Effective tools to improve and enhance student writing

Intuitive teacher dashboard

Access teacher features and functions. With a single click you can access our resources and student stories.

Support your students’ learning with our innovative teacher tools

Support student writing with our innovative teacher tools such as rubrics, checklists and graphic organizers.

Collaborate with colleagues

Assign group tasks, share classes or collaborate with colleagues on writing projects.

Differentiate assignments and task

Adapt assignments to meet the specific needs and interests of students.

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