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The Baobabooks platform provided a fun and easy way for teachers to engage students, stimulate creativity and elevate literacy across our broad network of schools.  We are busy building this into our lesson plan while planing our next project and can’t wait!


Head, primary and secondary school group

Our classes have used the Baobabooks writing platform to successfully publish African picture books and poetry involving the 5 senses.

The children loved the opportunity to use appropriate graphics to accompany their written words. They also really enjoyed manipulating the pages with the different layouts in order to make it look like a real picture book found in their classroom.

Log-ins were shared over the summer months as children were eager to continue writing more and publish more stories. Even our less interested writers were inspired to write more! Overall, a very fun and engaging writing platform for our students.


Teacher, Primary school

Writing has always been liberating and exciting for me, whether it’s a school assignment or a random idea.


Author of Ted and the Genie of ...

Writing has been my hobby since as long as I can remember…. I revere writing so much because in the world of words, there is no one and nothing that can hold you back from your true creativity. There, it simply knows no bounds! I can write about aliens, or I can write about butterflies; Here, I am truly set free!


Author of Diary Of Planet Earth

I enjoy the way thoughts and creativity flow out of me while writing. I am always amazed by how we can change perceptions and make a strong and loud statement by the seemingly simple act of writing.


Author of Dear Nox

For me, the most enjoyable part of writing is the amount of deep and open imagination this craft requires. It allows me to think creatively and put those thoughts down on the paper in a beautiful way.


Author of Save Nature for Futur...

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