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Baobabooks is a Swiss-based, mission-driven social enterprise focused on helping improve literacy by partnering with educators to engage learners around the world and provide them with a place to express their thoughts, ideas and creativity.

16,265 students, parents and teachers worldwide have registered with Baobabooks







Teacher led, technology enabled

Powered by transformative educational research and innovative technology, we work across cultures and continents to build understanding, exchange ideas and create a better world. Working in partnership with educators, parents, local communities, schools and other educational groups and governments, Baobabooks helps learners gain confidence and recognition for their creativity.

Baobabooks offers young people unlimited opportunities to express themselves

Baobabooks encourages students to be innovative and explore new ideas to creatively express themselves.

Baobabooks’ platform is endorsed by The Education Alliance Finland for global quality standards for learning solutions.

Support the writing process with carefully selected resources

Students are guided throughout the writing process with thoughtfully designed teacher-created resources.

Picture Book

A picture book editor for our younger authors with the ability to upload personal artwork or choose from our extensive image bank.

Picture Book

Short Story & Chapter Book

Story editors for our older writers that allow authors to fully develop and organize their ideas.

Short Story &  Chapter Book

Graphic Organizers

Choose from a variety of graphic organizers suited for different writing genres. They can be used online, downloaded or printed.

Graphic Organizers

Writing Prompts

We have created a bank of writing prompts, sentence starters, and image prompts to help inspire any writer to get started.

Writing Prompts

Published Stories

Access our library of published stories

Our library is full of books to discover, enjoy and even purchase, and they are written by students just like you! Can you imagine people buying your published stories? Baobabooks makes that dream possible!


Providing inspiration for young writers

Our story-mapping tools and graphic organizers enable students to experiment with ideas and images before starting their next great story. Our peer feedback and collaboration functions encourage students to support and learn from one another.

Baobabooks for Schools

Empower young writers and ignite their creative spark

Learn more about the many ways Baobabooks can enhance your students’ writing experience.


Encourage children to develop their creativity through writing

Baobabooks offers a literacy-rich experience for your child.

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