Baobabooks Accepted into Educate Ventures Research Accelerator

Baobabooks Accepted into Educate Ventures Research Accelerator

We are excited to announce that Baobabooks will participate in the Educate Ventures Research Accelerator Program. Over the next three weeks, our team will collaborate closely with mentors to develop a research project focused on objective evidence-based measurement outcomes. This metric will be a crucial tool for demonstrating the impact of the Baobabooks platform on children worldwide.

“At Baobabooks, we believe that every decision we make should be rooted in what’s best for our young learners”, notes Soukeina Mamodhoussen, Head of Education and Learning and Co-Founder of Baobaooks. “These metrics will tell us which aspects of our platform resonate most with children, where they might be struggling, and how we can adapt to meet their unique needs. By basing our decisions on concrete data rather than assumptions, we can refine and enhance Baobabooks to foster a love for writing and storytelling in the most effective ways possible.”

By participating in the Educate Ventures Research Accelerator Program, Baobabooks is taking a significant step towards ensuring that the platform is not just innovative, but also demonstrably effective. Objective, evidence-based measurement outcomes are the compass that guides our organisation toward truly understanding how we’re impacting children’s learning journeys. In essence, this collaboration with Educate Ventures is about ensuring accountability, accuracy, reliability,  comparability, and continuous improvement across various domains. It’s about ensuring that every child who uses Baobabooks gets the best possible learning experience, tailored to their needs and abilities. We look forward to developing our framework in partnership with Educate Ventures Research, the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), and University College London (UCL).

About Educate Ventures Research Impact Accelerator

Educate Ventures Research brings together educators, EdTech creators and researchers. Their goal is to ensure that emerging technology is applied to human intelligence ethically, transparently, and led by the evidence. Educate Ventures Research Impact Accelerator is a 3-week live online course for small and medium sized education businesses to support the ability to understand and optimise their impact, and start to get to grips with AI for their business. 

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About Baobabooks

Baobabooks is an award-winning, Swiss-based social impact company that partners with educators to engage and empower young learners to express their unique voices while improving their writing literacy skills. Our AI-supported online platform leverages teacher-friendly technology to support classroom-based and remote learning in a fun and engaging way for students. 

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